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Fogheart: The Torso of The Giant King

Fogheart is an island situated in the middle of The Black Lake, surrounded by a mysterious fog that moves like a living breath. This small setting and sandbox adventure allows you to explore different locations around the island, meet its inhabitants, and uncover the mystery that connects it to the ancient history of The Forest.

Once upon a time, long before the heyday of the plains folk and the inevitable fall of their empire, deep within the forest, there was a mythical creature that stood upon all the others. Some of the old and forgotten tales, only remembered by the eldest roots, refer to this creature as an implacable tyrant who ruled with an iron fist. There are songs that birds keep secret that speak about the benevolence of this colossal presence, who supposedly wandered through the forest transforming every inch of soil into blooming life. Truth is The Giant King didn’t seem to welcome the arrival of foreigners, and soon enough, a war happened.

Fogheart: The Torso of The Giant King is the first installment in a series of modular adventures that revolve around the scattered remains of an ancient creature that once ruled over the forest. You can use them separately, or combine them into a bigger campaign setting that develops all over The Forest, a place full of mystery and forgotten magic. 

This project was submitted to the Cairn: Forests of Another Name jam.

Puedes encontrar la versión en español aquí.

This adventure contains

  • A mysterious and compelling lake island
  • Six distinct locations to explore
  • Six unique myconid folks to interact
  • Ten new creatures to fear, defy or befriend
  • Five original relics to expand your toolset
  • One morally questionable wizard
  • Lots of fog and fungi (And original art)


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Fogheart, the torso of The Giant King - Cairn - booklet.pdf 65 MB
Fogheart, the torso of The Giant King - OSE - Singles.pdf 75 MB
Fogheart, the torso of The Giant King - OSE - Spreads.pdf 74 MB

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Great adventure! Is the wizard's name intentionally changed every so often in the text? If it is, that's cool, but wanted to let you know in case it was a typo!

It is a typo!! I will be updating the pdf with corrections as soon as I'm able to. Thanks for your notice.


Just saw this after submitting my own OSR June Jam game and I gotta say the art really drew me in. Look forward to reading it in detail and running in the future!

Thanks! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you run it sometime 

So is Acuta’s invisibility cloak actually mislabelled or does the wizard not actually have it? Its confusing to have an NPC want something that isn’t actually in the game, but something *quite like it* is.

As the text says, the wizard has the cloak, but is not an "invisibility" one. Instead; is just a cloak that can't bee seen by the human eye . It was a silly play on words that serves as a minor hook that the players may be interested in. The cloak is intended to be the one that was stolen from Acuta. 

I agree that maybe it is a little confusing, so I will clarify this in future corrections. Thank you so much for your input.


Beautiful art and layout. I'll try read it as soon as possible.


Thanks! I would love to hear your comments if you get to read it :-)