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A barren, white land at the end of the world, and there, the Citadel. 
Gleaming spires of ice rising to a clear sky, thawed and frosted again.
High balconies and pillars eroded as limestone, featureless.
And among the lonely streets and halls, they eat, love and die.


Their numbers are few, their chances even less.
‘Cause from the depth of dreams a call has been made,
to trail the Underhalls for its secrets to confess.

The Underhalls of Frostwound is a module for Old-School Essentials and other OSR-compatible games set in a frozen Citadel and its forgotten Underhalls. Characters will be drawn into the mysteries of the place guided by the nightmares that haunt their rest. Ignore them, and you will fall into madness.

In this 40-page adventure you will find:

  • A "Flux Space" exploration design
  • Five distinct adventure sites
  • A frozen citadel and its doomed inhabitants
  • Four evolving nightmares and visions to haunt your party
  • New creatures that wander the old citadel beneath Frostwound
  • A catastrophic timeline to end your world

This adventure was written, designed, and illustrated by Luciano Correa (Antigona404) and Sebastián González (Dados Tostados).


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Creo que hay un error en la Tabla de Viaje A: Los resultados solo van del 2 al 7, ¿no estaría faltando el 8? ¿o estoy leyendo algo mal yo?.

joyita descargada, vamos a leerla, hace tiempo que no me pego un dungeonazo como la gente y no dudo que esto servirá como anillo al dedo...


Lo jugare con mi mesa de DW, veamos como nos va. Hace eones que no me lanzo a un dungeon :)


¡Muchas gracias por descargarlo y jugarlo! Nos cuentan cómo les va con ese crossover :)


Mucha suerte descubriendo los secretos de los salones subterráneos! Me da mucha curiosidad este experimento, especialmente por tu capacidad de partir de una aventura y expandirla a nuevos lugares jaja :-)